Ginger and turmeric 2018

Growing Dr Rafie:

Dr. Reza Rafie, Ginger and Turmeric 101

Ginger and Turmeric Presentation 2018-New


Dr Taghavi:

Dr. Toktam Taghavi, Post Harvest Study

Taghavi-Ginger field day-2018


Dr Zelalem:

Dr. Zelalem Mersha, VSU; Disease Management

Mersha VSU Ginger Tumeric Final


Grower Experiences


Mr. Michael Clark, Planet Earth Diversified



Health and Medical

Turmeric/Curcumin: Working to strengthen the “Barrier” to disease development Dr. Shobha Ghosh, VCU Medical School

Ghosh Presentation 10-18-18


Anti-breast cancer effects of turmeric Dr. Young Ju, VT



The Effects of Health Information on the Acceptability of a Functional Beverage Containing Fresh Turmeric Dr. Carlin Rafie, and Mrs. Azin Pourkhalili, VT

Termeric Event Presentation Final


Antioxidation and anti-obesity properties of ginger Dr. Rafat Siddiqui, VSU-ARS













Growers Notes

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